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This is a legally binding agreement between you, the customer (or “user”) and 78 Entertainment Group, LLC (Operators of BloodMoon Faire™ & Horrid Illusions™) (or “us).

By using this website or our related mobile applications (or “apps”)(Making purchases, browsing, registering, sharing, reading or otherwise) or our services (purchasing tickets, becoming a partner or employee, etc.)  in any way, you agree to these terms unconditionally. If you do not agree to these terms you must cease using the website for any reason.

The terms of these agreements may change at any time, with or without notice. Further use of the website or services constitutes continued agreement with the updated terms.

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Privacy Policy

We hate spam. Let’s get that clear. We hate spam and don’t think it’s good for business or our customers so we’ll avoid filling your inbox with it any way we can. We are internet users, and hate it when we get lots of email, especially when it is unsolicited. We will not sell your information or share it with other parties unless we are required to do so to fulfill your purchase (for example, when we use PayPal to process your credit card, or a ticket company to issue your tickets. In these cases, by completing a transaction or process, you are acknowledging and giving permission for us to share the information you provide to fulfill your order or request.) You may unsubscribe or “opt-out” of all marketing communication from us by either editing your preferences on our website or clicking the “change your subscription” link in any email. We may still contact you after unsubscribing if needed regarding an order or purchase. Here are some additional details about how information about you may be used:

  • By using this website, you may be voluntarily sharing personally identifiable (Your name, email, phone number, etc.) or anonymous (Information that cannot be used to identify you personally, like cookies or browsing behavior.)  information with us. For example, you may choose to share your email address with us, in exchange for occasional news about our company, events or products, or you may share your address with us to ship purchases to you. You may be required to share your information with us for eligibility in sweepstakes, contests or promotions. By using this website, you acknowledge you are voluntarily sharing this information with us, and give us permission to contact you.
  • This website requires the use of technology like cookies and analytics that can track user behavior for our use. This behavior information is completely anonymous and cannot be used to identify an indivitual. However, it is used to improve our services, products, website, apps, & business. By using this website or apps, you agree to the allow us the use of these and other similar technologies.
  • Any data you share with us via this website or apps, including contact information, becomes the property of 78 Entertainment, LLC. You may edit any of this data as well as your contact preferences on our website at any time. Complete removal of this data is not possible or allowed and remains the property of the company.
  • We do everything  we can to secure your information and the transmission of it, including state-of-the-art encryption technologies, where required. However, you acknowledge that while rare, information sent over the internet could be intercepted by malicious unauthorized third parties. By sharing any information with us,  you agree to hold harmless 78 Entertainment Group, LLC, BloodMoon Faire™ and all agents, partners, and affiliates and not responsible for malicious unauthorized access or use of personal information.
  • You understand that certain activities on our website may result in displaying information to the public. We will NEVER reveal your address, email address or full name to the public. However, you may have the opportunity to explicitly publish your own information using a feature that displays information to the public. (for example, a public comment form or Facebook page.) You take full responsibility for the information you post publicly and 78 Entertainment Group, LLC is not responsible for any damage, loss or injury caused by the user posting their own private information publicly.
  • Third Party Policies – When engaging with us on third party platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, or other similar websites, you acknowledge that your privacy is completely out of our hands and administered under that website’s own policies and agreements. While we will never share your information from such engagement, you are acknowledging that those website’s own policies may give them permission to share that information freely.

Terms of Service

By making purchases on this website or in our physical location(s), you agree to the following policies:

  • There are no refunds for TICKET transactions, for any reason, except when the event is canceled by us, such as in the event of inclement weather.
  • Tickets may not be transferred, altered, and no changes may be made to a ticket or reservation for any reason except at the discretion of 78 Entertainment Group, LLC in relation to an event cancellation, change or postponement.
  • Tangible Goods (merchandise, like souvenirs, t-shirts, etc.) transactions are non-refundable unless otherwise stated. Exchange for defective merchandise will be made at the sole discretion of BloodMoon Faire™ officials or 78 Entertainment Group, LLC.
  • In the event that you are unhappy with any purchase for any reason please speak to a member of our management teams and we will do everything in our power to make it right. Fraudulent charge-backs or disputes with credit card companies have become a common problem with customers who are not willing to accept policies and procedures agreed to upon purchase. Disputed transactions or credit card charge-backs will immediately result in your transaction (and tickets, when applicable) being immediately voided. If the transaction is disputed after tickets are used or merchandise is received by the customer, 78 Entertainment Group, LLC reserves the right to pursue legal action to recoup the loss and damages caused by the fraudulent charge-back.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service, transactions, and expel any guest from an event for any reason without refund.
  • Use of the Website: You agree, in using the website, that you will not abuse, misuse or otherwise maliciously access the website, the data included or the data accessible from the website. You agree not to submit false information, or otherwise submit information or access in a way that causes technical issues with the website.
  • We reserve the right to refuse or block your access to the website by any means we choose, should we feel that you are damaging it or our other user’s experience.

Event & Location Policies

78 Entertainment Group, LLC does NOT allow outside food or beverages inside the event at anytime, except for medical necessity or for baby nourishment. One bottle of water will be allowed per person through the gate to encourage guest hydration. All costume flasks or vessels must be empty and dry before entering the event. Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited at all events for any reason, unless the alcohol was purchased at the event. Smoking of tobacco is permitted strictly in designated areas only. Please respect other guests and understand that most of our events are located in areas at high risk of wildfire and therefore we must strictly enforce the smoking policy.

All bags will be thoroughly inspected at the front security checkpoint for the safety of our guests and employees. We reserve the right to search and/or refuse any parcel, bag, item or person brought into the event, and to deal with any unattended object in such a way as we consider appropriate.

Please supervise your children at all times. Guests under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at all times, without exception. Adult chaperones will be held fully accountable for the behavior of the minor guest. We will not be held responsible for damage or injury of or by an unsupervised minor guest. Should a minor guest become separated or lost, please check with the designated information or lost and found booth.

All patrons must arrive and remain fully clothed at all times, including shirt and shoes. Quiet comfort stations are provided for the convenience and comfort of nursing mothers and infants, if desired. Nursing elsewhere is welcome, should that be preferred.

In most cases costumes of any kind are prohibited, unless explicitly allowed per event. On occasions where costumes are allowed, the following rules apply:

  • All costumes must be “PG-13” appropriate. This means no nudity, extreme or excess gore, or profanity.
  • Masks are allowed when they do not obstruct vision and eyes must be visible at all times. All masks must be instantly removable. No facial prosthetic appliances are allowed to be worn by guests. Colored facial or cosmetic style makeup is welcome.
  • Costumes cannot be obstructive, offensive, or violent, drag on the ground, contain sharp objects or materials that may accidentally or purposely strike another guest.
  • Costumes must meet these guidelines are must be modified upon request of staff. If the costume cannot be modified a guest may be refused entry to the event.
  • You may not wear a costume without a valid ticket to the event.


  • UNLESS AS PART OF AN ALLOWED COSTUME EVENT, WEAPONS OF ANY KIND, (including –without limitation– guns, knives, blades, billy clubs, brass knuckles, nun-chucks, stars and other martial arts, pepper spray, mace, stun guns, handcuffs.) FAUX OR REAL ARE PROHIBITED.
  • If the event permits costumes:
    • Any other weapons must be false weapons (sorry, no real swords.) and all faux blades must be fully sheathed and peace-tied. Security personnel will be on hand to assist in inspection and tying of your bladed weapon.
    • Bows and crossbows may be carried unstrung, but no arrows, darts or bolts with any tips are allowed.
    • Axes, claymores, maces, antique firearms, pikes and halberds are NOT allowed, unless made from foam without hard cores.
    • Weapons must remain secured at all times and never drawn. All weapons must be surrendered for inspection or confiscation to security upon request.

Skateboards, scooters, inline skates or shoes with wheels are forbidden inside the event. Any illegal substance or item is prohibited. Laser pointers or other laser and disruptive product of any kind are forbidden. Flash photography is prohibited at all live performance venues and inside structures. Bicycles, tricycles, unicycles pogo sticks, motorcycles, segways and strollers wider than 28 inches are prohibited. EVC’s, wheelchairs, or other medically distributed mobility devices are never prohibited. Suitcases, large backpacks, or bags larger than 18” wide by 25” long by 37” deep. Any trailer-like object pushed or towed by an EVC wheelchair or stroller, wagons or coolers are not allowed. Chairs are prohibited, with the exception of small folding lawn chairs with handles or straps that can be carried off the ground, or folding mobility devices such as folding cane-chair and seat walkers. Glass containers are prohibited, except for baby food containers, medicine or containers smaller than 4 fl oz in size. All sporting equipments are prohibited including baseball bats, helmets, hockey sticks, golf clubs, bows & arrows, camping equipment, stools, tables and frisbees. Zip ties, duct tape, wire, tools, fire extinguishes, megaphones, pots or pans, musical instruments are all prohibited.

Anyone who attends the event may be filmed, taped, or be transmitted via the internet or other broadcast means. By choosing to enter the event grounds one gives up the right to privacy regarding trademarks, images, and likenesses.

The holder of a ticket to the event grants permission to 78 Entertainment Group, LLC and it’s agents to utilize the holder’s image or likeness incidental to any live or recorded video display or other transmission or reproduction in whole or in part of the event in which this admits the holder.

Photos & Videos taken at the event can only be used for personal use unless authorization is granted from 78 Entertainment Group, LLC.  Unauthorized photography of any guest not related to you is strictly forbidden and may result in expulsion from the event without refund. ALWAYS ask permission before taking photos of someone else. Flash photography is prohibited at all live performance venues and inside structures. If you would like to come out to our event and film or take pictures for a project, please contact us at

Please note that the following items are prohibited because they block audience line of site and/or pose safety risks: lighting screens, lighting filters of any size, tripods with a footprint larger than 5ft, cameras with lenses larger than 12 inches, boom microphones longer than 3ft. Exceptions may be made for boom microphones provided your company is under media escort while you are on site. Other prohibited photography equipment includes selfie sticks, remote control flying devices (“Drones”) and audio recorders.